Thursday, June 28, 2012

21st Century Teacher vs. Pinnacle Leader

After reading Josh Stumpenhorst's post about what is needed for a 21st Century Teacher, I believe there are multiple similarities with the expectations of Pinnacle Leaders. I believe that first and foremost both 21st Century Teachers and Pinnacle Leaders need to be a connected master of technology. In order to reach our students and allow them to learn at their maximum potential, it is important that we as role models exhibit the continuation of learning. It is critical that we stay connected, in the 21st century through technology, to teachers, ideas, new technology, etc. through PLN's. These are super easy to become a member of; things like Twitter, Pinterest (my all time fav.), Blogs, etc. As leaders we are no longer limiting ourselves to simply the people we come in contact with daily, but rather opening our networks to other states, nations, and across the world.

I also believe that we have similar characteristics as Pinnacle Leaders to Teachers of the 21st Century by needing to be a reflective practitioner. If something does not work, technology wise especially, it is important as teachers and Pinnacle leaders to tweek it and improve it for the next go round. Also, two years from now, two months from now, even two weeks from now, it is important to reflect on how technology was used and determine if there is something "newer" and more influential for a particular lesson.

The final characteristic of the 21st Century Teacher, according to Stumpenhorst, is what I believe is the most important. It is not typically discussed in Pinnacle, because we are already super excited about our jobs, positions, and overall position in the education field. This trait is to be an advocate for teachers. I strongly agree with Stumpenhorst that teachers need to be proud of what they are doing, proud of who they are in children's lives, and proud of their profession. There are countless teachers who complain and gripe daily about their jobs and things they go through. However, it is important that instead of being Debbie-downers, teachers change their outlook, change the way they teach, change their classroom, and attempt to tackle new risks and challenges in order to flip their overall outlook of their position. (I'll get off my soapbox now...)

I feel that there are many links and similarities between the 21st Century Teacher and the expectations of Pinnacle Leaders. Through this connection and relationship, it is important that we, as Pinnacle Leaders, serve as role models, advocates, and LEADERS for our peers. :)
See what I mean ----> Stumpenhorst's Blog

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"New Blog"

Hi! Let me officially introduce myself. I am Sarah Gardner; a 6th grade Language Arts & Social Studies teacher at Cramerton Middle School. Cramerton is right outside of Gastonia, North Carolina. Coming this August I will be beginning my 4th year; all at Cramerton and in 6th grade. However, I will be Mrs. Stadler by the time school starts ;)

I went to Belmont Abbey College and graduated with an Elementary Education (K-6) Degree in 2009. Since then I have gotten my Academically & Intelligently Gifted Certificate through University of North Carolina @ Charlotte, as well as passed Middle Grades Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies Praxis II. I am starting my Middle Grades Master's Program in August 2012 and am super excited. I feel like I'm not doing anything right now with not being currently enrolled in courses. I'm a nerd, I know...but I admit it!

I am in Pinnacle through Gaston County Schools, which is a fabulous technology program for teachers in our county. That is where I first learned about Blogger, and am vowing to Blog and keep track of my survival in the 6th Grade World; which many refer to as the "Special Age." I love this age of students and enjoy every minute of it. This is my attempt to keep my head above water, help my peers, and share my ideas :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twitter InfoGraphic

 My Professional Twitter Infographic: This infographic says that I definitely need to get my professional tweets on! I am setting a goal to become more of a Twitter Teacher and have more of a presence in the Educational Twitter world. I am really wanting to become more of a global teacher presence by sharing, gathering, and collaborating with educators around the world. :)