Friday, January 17, 2014

Waving Through the Week

This week was a week gone crazy! Every teacher knows those weeks where it just feels as though you never see your students in the actual classroom setting; It was one of those weeks! It was a four day week for students from the beginning, because of our wonderful Technology Fest professional development that was scheduled for today (more on that later!). However, this four day week was definitely not the average four day week.

Monday went smoothly. It was a normal day and students were basically awesome. :) Tuesday and Wednesday were scheduled for our PASS Practice Writing Test (every student takes this writing test at the end of the year from the state). Apparently, new to me, this is a 2-day test. Students taking the writing portion on day one by answering a writing prompt, planning, and drafting a paper before writing their final. On day two there is a multiple choice portion on grammar and mechanics. Brilliant! **So much different than that "state up north" that I came from this year. Before only certain grade levels took the writing test (7th grade was the "big big" one). No one else worried about writing tests. But that's another story for another day about how these tests help throughout all grade levels ;)

So anyways...let me get back on track... With testing on Tuesday and Wednesday my teammate and I decided that we would do 3rd and 4th period Tuesday afternoon, then 6th and 7th period on Wednesday afternoon. Well...the best laid plans....The dance performance by the first semester students was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. Needless to say, I didn't get anything accomplished in my 3rd and 4th period Tuesday. But it was definitely worth it. It was awesome watching the three grade levels perform their dances. It was organized as a "Dancing through the Decades" performance. There were choreographed dances by sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. I absolutely loved it! The students did wonderful. It was fantastic to see some of my quietest students really get on stage and show off their talents. I was, needless to say, impressed! (I still hate that I didn't take my iPad to get any pictures!)

So, only being left Wednesday (6th and 7th period only) and Thursday (Yayyy another normal day!) I had a lot to get through! In Math we were working on everything from the Pythagorean Theorem to translations of linear and exponential functions. Check out Flocabulary's rap on the Pythagorean Theorem. Kids thought I was cheesy for showing them....mission accomplished! I also found this super cute Disney video about Donald in MathMagic Land. So wanting to show my kids...just need to find the time :)

In Science for the remainder of the week we brought out studies together on earthquakes, seismic waves, and properties of waves. Students had already completed notes on the anatomy of an earthquake, the three types of waves (primary, secondary, and surface), and finally the properties of those waves. Through the notes of these activities earlier.... we created a legit foldable inside a foldable! Check us out:


To end the week, I decided to get a jump start on the beginning of the second semester here at Clover. One of my biggest struggles is getting make-up work to and from students. Therefore, I created a system. I believe in myself and believe that this will work ;)  I'm planning on writing the names of students on the assignments, then placing them in the period when the student was absent. Smart right? That's my plan!

Well....we are off Monday for the Martin Luther King Holiday. So it is another four day week for this teacher. I'll update how with how wonderful my kiddos are after I see the amazing things they can accomplish this week. Until next time.... :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting the Year Right!

Well, well, well, look who decided to do a blog post...This girl :)

Can I tell you it's been a busy semester for me? I know, here she does again making excuses, but I can guarantee this second semester is going to be full-blog-mode for me. So, let me start by explaining a little bit of what has been going on....

I graduated!! 
Yep, this girl has her masters from Appalachian State University in Middle Grades Education. Graduation was December 14th. We did it all in one and a half years because of the "lovely" situation that North Carolina government has put teachers in...but that's another rant for another day. We had 10 hours for both the second summer and fall semesters. Along with those ten hours, I started my first year at Clover Middle School, which I absolutely love, in a new grade level, new state, and new content areas. Sooo...this girls been a little busy. And on top of that...Basketball season started November 4th. I could not have been more excited! Basketball season is my favorite time of the school year...along with softball season :)

Well now that that is's time to focus a little more closely on the wonderful things that are going on at Clover Middle School. I know my 8th graders are doing fabulous things in both Math and Science and I am looking forward to finally getting the chance to share those!

But in the meantime...We started the year off right with my 7th grade girls basketball team today by attending the Clover High School girls J.V. and Varsity games. We watched the games in hopes to get some pointers and ideas about how to improve our own skills and fundamentals. We had a great time and really enjoyed rooting for the girls!
The cool crowd sits with the coach :)
7th and 8th grade girls enjoying the games!

Here's our team pictures for my lovely and wonderful 7th grade girls. I have to say I love these girls. They work hard and definitely keep my laughing through practices and games. I look forward to finishing the second half of the season with them and watching them grow in basketball everyday. 

We took a serious one...

So of course we needed a goofy one.

So until next time....promise I'll be updating weekly with the fabulous things both my 8th grade Math and Science kiddos are well as my amazing girls on the basketball court :)