Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome Back!!

I am beyond excited to say that I absolutely love my new kiddos! They are the best in the 6th grade and they  have made me smile daily since I've met them. 

I have a classroom full of excited students who are beyond ready for school to start. They are very eager to learn and are pumped to get this school year going. We have done so much within the first three days. Things that I actually planned for the first five...we are slightly ahead of schedule! (I'll take it!) We have done multiple introductions, tours of the school and our classroom, procedures, Codes of Conduct, all the basics. We've also done a reflection of our thoughts beginning the school year and beginning sixth grade. We took an amazing Pinterest idea and used it within the classroom. I found it on Pinterest, and pinned it (Follow me! @SStadler20) in order to try it. We put up 4 Sticky Notes around the room:
1 - School is important because...
2 - Our classroom should be __________ everyday. 
3 - Overall School Year Goals 
4 - What can Mrs. Stadler do to help you learn better?

The kiddos absolutely loved it! Everything from the expected...Fun, Exciting, Interesting, classrooms everyday; to Saying things twice, Not rushing, Allowing creativity, as ideas for me to do as a teacher! I loved it and didn't even think I would learn as much as I did with my students. They were super open and super supportive of what they needed within the classroom. I would definitely recommend it! 

I am beyond excited to see what this year has in store and can not wait to get to know my kiddos even more, and give them what they need in the classroom :)

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