Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Nerves Still Work!

Ahhhh! That's how I want to start this blog post! As many of you know...I'm working on my masters through Appalachian State University on top of beginning a new teaching job, in a new state, in a new grade level, in two new content areas.'s crazy! I absolutely love my eighth graders and I can not express how excited I am to teach Math and Science (in South Carolina none-the-less) but my life is go-go-go right now.

This week was definitely a case-in-point situation. As many of you know...again...I participated in the UNCC Writing Project over the summer and had an amazing time! I loved it and really think that it benefited me as a teacher. This week I was invited to present with my friend, Meredith, at the UNCC Writing Project's Fall Conference. Needless to say...I was nervous. We were asked to present Meredith's strength in Fine Arts (as a Drama teacher in Charlotte-Mecklenburg) and mine...apparently technology. ;)

Here are some documenting photos I took from our day...
It's Official...I'm a presenter :)
Lacy beginning our day!

Meredith and I getting ready!
The nerves are kicking in!
Loving my new day book! Especially since my last one is full!
Ahhh! Here we are! This is our presenting-room!
My homemade badge representing my thoughts on participatory learning!
The entire group ready for the fabulous day!
Overall it was a fantastic day and I enjoyed our presentation and many other's that I learned a lot of helpful information from! Not to mention I'm super excited about taking my class to Discovery Place for some Science Discourse sometime soon :)

I will be posting again soon...There's lots to catch you up on that has been going on in the fabulous life of Team 8-3 at Clover Middle...So until next time... :)

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