Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is It Really Over?

Well....this year flew by. I think that statement is even an understatement about how fast this year went by! They say every year goes by quicker; especially when you're new or when you're having fun :) However, I'm not sure a school year could, or can, get any quicker then what my 8th graders and myself experienced this year. To start the day Mrs. Reed, my teammie, and I decided to get a quick shot of our dress up! This was the one and only day you would catch us in dresses and heels!

Today was our final day with students...I know super sad :( We had our "Moving-On Ceremony" this morning in our district auditorium. This ceremony awarded the 8th graders for making it through the middle school years and congratulated students on becoming high school students. It was a fabulous ceremony put on by a wonderful Mrs. Ammons and many of our 8th grade students. We began our ceremony by having parents rise until all 8th grade students entered for the special event. Three students then presented the flags of the United States and South Carolina before we were led in the pledge of allegiance and national anthem by students and our 8th grade chorus. We were then welcomed to the ceremony and given a reflection of the year by two more students before teams began to call individuals up, across the stage, and to receive their certificate. We were the last team to go, being team 8-3 and by my opinion the best, and I got the privileged of calling my students' names. I was super nervous of totally butchering some names....but needless to say, I did pretty good! Only had one student smile and shake her head no when I stumbled across her middle name :) Whoops!

After the ceremony, students, parents, and teachers, attended a small reception in the cafeteria. We were offered punch, lemonade, water, and cookies. It was put on by our P.T.O. and was very nice for the newly named high schoolers! I did get the chance to snap a few selfies with some students and athletes before they all cleared out for the day, and the year.




I have to say that I will miss this team. Not only is it emotional every year when school gets out for the summer, but this was my first 8th grade group. It was my first class at Clover Middle School. It was my first 8th grade class. It was my first Math and Science class. It was my first class in South Carolina. It was a lot of firsts for me this year, but I have to say I don't think I could have picked a better group of students to spend them with! This group, as with all my students and classes, will have a special place in my heart. :) (Ok, that's enough sappy memories!)

As a final note leading into summer, I'd like to share a video in hopes that some students are helped throughout their summer away from school. I don't think the video needs any introduction other's Kid President and he's up to helping other kids again and doing a fabulous job at it:

Of course I'll be busy this summer. Getting professional development credits, organizing my room, and just basically trying to become the most amazing 8th Grade Math teacher ever. Soo...needless to say I'll keep you updated... Until then.... :)

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