Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bragging Corner

Not to toot our own horn....but I need a little space to toot our own horn ;)

This was my 2nd year coaching the 7th grade girls at Clover Middle School and the first year my fabulous husband got to assist! With working at Crowder's Creek Elementary, and not having a boys team of his own, Zack joined the girl's side this year and got his first year in coaching girls! He is the first to tell was a culture shock. 

But onto the bragging....Our little team went 11-0. Yes, you read that right...11-0! Those 11 wins include a York County Championship! 

We had an amazing season and Zack and I could not be more proud of the dedication, effort, and work our girls put into our season. They worked harder than any team I've season and took pride in getting better each day. I can not say enough about how happy we were with their performances. Zack even got a free shave out of the season. He told the girls at the very beginning (who originally wanted to shave our eyebrows) that if they went undefeated to win the Championship, he would let them shave his head. Well, it came true! After averaging 34 points a game, and averaging a 17 point per game victory, the girls earned a good shave of Mr. Coach Stadler's head.

Along with this little bragging corner, we are getting recognized at the Clover High School varsity games this Friday night during Senior night. Look for us showing off ;)
Check out our little recap of a season here!

Coach Stadler getting a shave!
Who is next?

The before & after with the hair-shavers themselves.

The "after-the-championship win" picture!

Our wonderful team & their super cute thank you card!

Well, from the 11-0 7th Grade Champions, until next time... :)

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