Sunday, May 31, 2015

Swimming Into the End

We are now 1 full day and 3 half-days away from the end of the year school. Seriously, it's flying!

Before I get into all the fun projects students have been working on...I need to take a minute a brag on a specific group of mine. I have two Algebra I classes (8th graders taking the 9th grade course) and a total 36 students between the two. We recently had our End Of Course (EOC) test that counts as 20% of student's final average for the year. Students need an 85% average for the year in order to receive the high school credit and continue advance Math courses in high school. So, to say this test is a big deal would be an understatement. Well...onto bragging: out of my 36 students (drum roll please) there was a 100% passing rate! All 36 students passed the test. We had 1 D (with a 76%...1 little point from a C), and 22 A's...12 of which were 100%!!! I am beyond proud of these kids. They worked their little booty's off and put in some serious time and work this year. I am speechless with how wonderful they did on this's unbelievable! I of course had to spread the word on Social Media ;)

While my Algebra kiddos were in straight beast-mode for the EOC, my Pre-Algebra buddies were working super hard on reviewing linear equations. They were given 12 little problems using either two coordinates or a coordinate and a slope. Students were to write the linear equation representing the line in slope-intercept form. Once students had their 12 equations (and were correctly checked by me), students were given 12 coordinates and a piece of large graph paper. Students then plotted the coordinates in order, connected the dots, and matched up their equations to which line it represented.


Once all those steps were complete, students then decorated their picture. We even had our own little "Fishy Fashion Show" and the entire team including our four teachers, got to vote on their favorite. Here are some of the fabulous participants in our show:


After a vote by our entire team (69 students and 4 teachers; and we even had an assistant principal vote!) we had a winner! With 34% of the votes...Our winner.....

Students really seemed to enjoy this little project. It would be great to do before End of Year testing to review writing linear equations and matching equations to specific lines. If only it didn't take about a week (a very, very relaxed week) to complete ;)

After their review of linear equations, PreAlgebra kiddos got to review angles created with parallel lines and transversals. Students were given a blank piece of white paper with a few guidelines. Students were to create a neighborhood/town scene by drawing two parallel line streets with transversal streets. With the angles that were created, students were then to strategically place various components of a neighborhood/town. For example: students were to place houses on alternate interior angles, a school and a building on corresponding angles, etc. 

There were several students, my non-color fans, who did the simple assignment exactly as decorated, nothing flashy...but still perfect! Then there were of course my artsy kiddos who really got into the assignment and drew everything from parks, parking lots, trees, and even lakes/ponds. Students did a great job on this review assignment as well!  

So between my Algebra kids working on their EOC review and test, and my Pre-Algebra buddies reviewing various concepts, these past two weeks have been very productive! We are into our final week of school beginning tomorrow (can you believe it?)! My Algebra kids are wrapping up a quick quadratic review project involving Angry Birds so I'll be sure to share their final products, as well as, our Moving-On Ceremony this time next week! Until next time... :)

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