Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's a Job Shadowing Kinda Day!

Friday was an exciting day in the 8th grade world... It was Job Shadowing Day! Students get to take the day and job shadow an adult of their choice. Students bring in signed paperwork and contact information for an adult and place of business and then they are good to go for the day. Students pick all sorts of awesome careers to job shadow. I know there were students on our team who shadowed Pre-K teachers, personal trainers, arborists, waitresses, accountants, and more! Sounds like an awesome day to me! After students job shadow for the day, they return this next week with a packet of information they gathered as they job shadowed.

With lots of our students gone for the day, we spend the entire day back at school focused on career choices of those who stay with us. We begin the day by having students complete a couple questionnaires about what they are interested in, what they want when they get older, what they want different from their parents' lives, etc. Check out the questionnaire here!

As students get finished with their questionnaire, they are thinking about their future and their career decisions. At this point we have students complete the Career Webquest where they can find out, based on their interests, what careers most closely match up to their personality. Many students are surprised to see what careers are suggested for them.

Through this webquest, students are also able to research a little more into their choice of careers and find out important information like education and experience requirements, starting salary, and job duties. Students really start to enjoy this when they are researching their own career choice and are interested in what they are finding because it directly relates to them and their future.

Finally, once students completed the questionnaire and the webquest it was time for students to make a Wanted Poster for their career choice. Students picked an APP on their iPads to create a 1-Slide/Page wanted poster for their career that included job duties, selling points for their job, starting salary, and more! Students really got into this one and here are some of their fabulous creations!

Overall I think students really enjoyed the day both outside and inside the classroom. I think students were able to really think about their career choice, what they want in the future, and how they can go about reaching that goal. It was a great learning day for everyone!

My last note for this post is a little insight into my life outside of school! This weekend my parents were in town visiting from Stafford, VA and I couldn't have been happier! My sister, my mom, and I tried out Painting With a Twist and our talents in the painting world. Needless to say, it was a blast! We had a great time, enjoyed the 2 hour class, and would totally go back!

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