Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Summer Already?!

I know I say it every post...and I know I've said "where has the time gone" before...But, let me tell you...
I had no idea :)

It kind of bums me out realizing I haven't posted since August and the beginning of school. follow along with my traditional posts, I'm going to go ahead and say it anyways... "To say I've been busy would be an understatement!"

Since August...which I didn't post about prior to today...We've expanded our family :)
Little Miss Kaylynn joined the Stadler family in January.

We are absolutely in love with our little girl and can not imagine life without her now! She brings smiles to our faces daily :)

Outside of that exciting news and adventure, this school year has flown by! I can not believe I am saying "see you later" to students who I feel like I just met yesterday. It was a jammed packed year full of ups and is every year! So for this post I'm just going to picture timeline myself through it and focus on writing more specific blog posts throughout the summer to give you a little more in-depth understanding of some of the fun and exciting things we did throughout the school year!


We moved into our new Clover Middle School and I fell in love with everything; especially the gym :)

I got to see some of my favorite 8th graders win their Conference Championship!!

We began to explore the latest Carnegie Learning offering with MathiaX on our iPads!
I voted in the Big Election this year! Got to make sure your voice is heard! 
We participated in our annual Hour of Code! This is always a hit with students!

When you work with wonderful ladies, you make sure to match for the Holiday season with monograms! 
Spirit Week - Teacher & Student Switch was interesting this year!

I finished the basketball season with my Favorite 7th graders as we won the Regular-Season Championship!
I got to spend the entire month home with our new bundle of joy!
I returned to Translations of figures!
We spent some time doing our Annual Review Games for the EOY State Tests! 

8th Grade Field Day was a HUGE Success!!
Ended the Year with my Teammies & the wonderful Marilyn Friend talking about Co-Teaching!

I have to also take a minute to brag on (my) Softball Team and give them a special shout-out. They were Regular-Season Champions and came in 2nd Place in the County Championship! So so proud of them and I can not wait to get out there next season! 

Well...there it is...a brief visual explanation of where I've been throughout this school year. It's been a year and it's flown by (you typical closing statements!) :)

I will be sure to update on some more fun things we did throughout the school year. I'll update this old blog thing throughout the summer with lots of goodies! Of course...this will be following bedtime of my new sidekick :)

So on that note... I'll leave you with an updated family picture of our little Stadler Family featuring our favorite 5 month old!

Until next time... :)

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