Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Day Stations

The week before the Thanksgiving Holiday break is here. What to do, what to do, with two wonderful days with the Dolphin Team?

Well, as any other teacher across the country, I am a little behind in my pacing guide. (But that's part of teaching right?) Therefore, we needed to cover A Lot (maybe an understatement) in the these precious two days before break. What better way to cover a lot of content, review, practice, and research than through STATIONS! They are a fan favorite am I right?

Here's my station break down for today and tomorrow:
Station 1: We are working on our writing prompt for the state on Mesopotamia achievements. Students picked one of the following: transportation, irrigation, or weaponry to write an essay on. Students are writing a magazine article on that topic that explains how and why it was invented, how it has influenced other civilizations and societies over time, and how it has created a lasting impact. In this station students were using articles from NC Wise Owl to gather information answering those questions.

Station 2: Basically like station one, students are gathering information using a variety of books from our lovely Media Center!

Station 3: At this station students were completing their Ancient Mesopotamian Government notes, as well as their Mesopotamia Part 2 Study Guide. We will be testing Friday the 30th!!

Station 4 (Blue Dolphins): Students were working on their Peter and the Starcatchers Google Presentations at this station. Students were logged into their Google accounts and working on their Presentation displaying characters, setting, feelings, and key words throughout the novel as we read! (They loveee the laptops!)

Station 4 (Gray Dolphins): Students were catching up on some reading in Peter and the Starcatchers. Reading chapters 11 through 14, students would have a little literature circle and work on their Character Trait worksheet. (I tweaked this page from a Pinterest site...Check it Out! Don't forget toFOLLOW ME while your there!!)

Station 5 (Blue Dolphins): Following our culture lessons on Mesopotamia, students were creating Ziggurat Pop-Up books for Ancient Mesopotamia. Students created these adorable books and then took notes from the SmartBoard in order to realize the key characteristics of Ziggurats, as well as their importance. (Too Cute Template Here!)

Station 5 (Gray Dolphins): Students have completed their Literature Circles on the novels Manaic Magee, Long Way From Chicago, The Watsons Go To Birmingham, The Bridge to Terabithia, and A Wrinkle In Time. At this station students were creating a 555 Title Page with 5 sentences, events, or unique characteristics, 5 pictures displaying those 5 sentences, and then 5 colors to make it creative. Students love making these 555 Title Pages as ways to show me that have comprehended the material and made the necessary connections.

Those stations were a hit with students! I got the classic "Class is over already?" "I love making the pop-up!" "Can we do stations again?" Well my lovely little students...the answer to the last question...Of Course!! How about TOMORROW ;)

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