Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awesomeness That Has to Be Shared!

So I'm being totally random in the post today, but I have stumbled upon two items that I feel are just too awesome not to blog and share!

The first came from Twitter...Remember to follow me here: @SarahStadler20. I was scrolling through looking at the wonderful things educators are sharing and discussing, when I found a link to Lindsey Fuller's Blog. She is also a sixth grade teacher so I was more than willing to check it out! It was wonderful but I fell in LOVE with her latest post about MLK having an Instagram. My students are absolutely obsessed with Instagram and all they talk about is making sure things are put on their accounts. I never thought to have characters in stories, famous people in history, or individuals that we study have "Instagram" accounts. It was genius! Here is her picture of the bulletin board that her students made. It is super cool and definitely gets the students interested in a different way...ways they do not even realize they are learning. I am beyond excited to try this within my classroom. (Check out the original post and her explanation of what she did HERE)

The second thing I fell in LOVE with today was a Pep-Talk that our Language Arts specialist sent us. With the daily stresses and overwhelming struggles that just being a classroom teacher comes with, this little guy really finds the words to motivate. This video is too good to keep for myself. Enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for sharing my bulletin board, Sarah! Looking forward to seeing how you use the idea with your students!

  2. What an awesome idea! I missed that on Twitter, so thanks for sharing it.

  3. What a great way to integrate technology in teaching and learning! Way to go Sarah! I love your idea and plan to use it with our next concept!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Bulletin Board idea! Loved the pep talk as well I'm about to go e-mail it to people. :)