Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Crafty!

After the winter Christmas holiday break we are back in full swing on the Dolphin team. Students were a little tried and worn out Wednesday (our first day back), but after a few sets of jumping jacks in the middle of grammar sentences, they were ready to rock-and-roll. 

The pictures from our last post, It's That Time, are finally uploaded and ready to be shared! It was a wonderful way for students to use their writing skills in a fun and crafty manner. Students enjoyed it and totally asked to spend another day in the same way!. Below are some pictures of our exciting day and the too-cute crafts students made :)

Making Christmas Ornaments!

This was new this year! Lava Lamps!


Painted Christmas ornaments

The classic Christmas cookies!

Super cute wreaths! 

Love the creativity!

Another set of snowmen!

Tasty Christmas Trees :)

Gingerbread Houses

Gumdrop Trees!

Yummy cupcakes

Very impressive pillows!

A mini gingerbread village!

Final Products!

Reindeer Rugs!

It was definitely a wonderful day for the Dolphin team! We had a great time and learned how to create "How-To" essays in the process! It's such a wonderful day with the kiddos.

Now that we are back in the groove with January rolling-in, Don't forget to check out the Dolphin Team January Newsletter for what exciting things we are getting into this month. Research is on our brains ;)

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