Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rappin' Up Social Studies

It was MSL (Measures of Student Learning) day last week for my sixth graders and we have covered A LOT in our curriculum this year...just about 5,000 years. No biggie right? I have to say I believe my students were ready and prepared. I know they did fantastic last week and I can honestly say that I am beyond proud of them for their work this year! (P.S. I can not believe how quickly this year flew by!)

Our wonderful Social Studies curriculum instructor, Adam Perrow, sent over through Google Drive some review packets to help us study this week and here are my consolidated note pages that my students used. (Check Them Out!) As a reward I did tell my students I would embed the songs about our lessons that we used throughout the year to help us remember important dates, events, people, and parts of our curriculum. So with out delay...Here they are :)

If you have, for some reason, not been introduced to Flocab from Channel One news, please check him out! He has some wonderful songs that my students just fall in love with. He makes learning, especially Social Studies, so helpful and relate-able to students. You will find your kids singing and humming the songs during tests to help them remember things...It's wonderful! 

Today we also had the wonderful opportunity to play literary terms review Jeopardy with our A.I.G. (Academically and Intelligently Gifted) Specialist, Robin Spargo (She is even my teammate's wife!). The students had a great time and showed off some mad skills in literary term recognition. I do not mean to brag...but my Gray Dolphins are the new county record holders! Whoop whoop. We actually broke two records! The original record was 33,000. We had a 35,600 and a 48,800. I must say myself, I am pretty impressed. Way to go guys! 

Our Winners with 48,800! Congratulations! 
Our 2nd Place...But still county record breakers! Finished with 35,600! 
Until later this week :)

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