Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Not Ready!

I can not believe it is almost the end of the school year. This year, out of my four, has easily been the year that flew by the quickest. I do not know if it is because of the always entertaining group of students I have this year, the switch the Common Core, or just the overall work load that I have found myself in, but it feels like we were just starting school a few weeks ago.

I'm beyond proud of my students during their EOGs these last two days. Wednesday and Thursday they full out beasted it spending close to four hours doing everything they could. I'm sure their little hearts were exhausted after two consecutive days of three plus hours of testing. Not mention the sitting and working quietly afterwards in respect to those still testing! It was a longgg two days. To keep my kiddos quite after testing I really like to have them reflect on things that they learned, did, or participated in throughout their sixth grade year. Therefore, I have them complete little writing prompts during the last 10 days of school reflecting on things. Check out the SmartBoard notebook lesson here! The questions are anything from:

- What were the three most important things you learned this year and why?
- What was the nicest thing someone did for you this year and how did you thank them?
- What is your favorite spot in our classroom, or throughout the school, and why?
- What are six adjectives that you would use to describe this school year?

There responses are getting pretty interesting and amusing!

Have I mentioned that I can not believe it is the end of the year...I am so not ready for it! I'm not ready to let these little guys go. I'm not ready to see my sixth graders as seventh graders, or my eighth grade athletes move onto high school. Can't they just stay this age forever (I feel so old saying it like that).

We held our awards banquet last night here at school. I almost got teary eyed a good number of times talking about my softball girls, my basketball girls, and how they are moving on to high school. I will definitely miss them! Here are some of our pictures from our classy evening last night:

Kat and Taylor (our basketball girls) with Coach Spargo (My teammie!)

Basketball girls!

So proud of my little Mini-Me. She is an
awesome athlete. 
Audrey and I. Another basketball girl and
Whoop Whoop

My Courtney! 

Oh what am I going to do without my Courtney? Not quite sure how I'll make it through two (softball and basketball) seasons without this one next year. Definitely going to miss them all :(

Today was Beach Blast at school. I have to tell you our P.E. department is fabulous (I'm not even just saying that because my husband is one of them ;) ). They put on our Beach Blast every year after EOGs for our students. Students pay a donation of $10 to the P.E. Department in order to attend a three hour beach festival. There is everything from field games (egg toss, tug-of-war, corn hole, etc.), to dunking booths (which yours truly was in), to a fire truck water slide. Our town fire truck actually comes to the school and we have a HUGE slip-and-slide down the hill using the first hose as a water source. The kids eat it up! Here are some pictures from our lovely afternoon:

The firetruck working the Slip-&-Slide! 

The kids are having a BLAST!

The field events. 

A little corn hole action.
Our girls having fun!

Enjoying a little sugar.
Oh Boys!

Having a great time! 

Absolutely love my softball girls! Even if they dunk me :)

It was an absolute BLAST (hence BEACH BLAST!). We had a ball; although I do believe we can call it a carnival from now on. Not to mention we got a little wet with the dunk booth :)

Yours truly in dunk booth.
That would be my husband behind the dunk booth.
He's so sweet!
Ohhhh a dunk from a kiddo.
Probably one of the close to fifty of them!

Well as we relax for the weekend (minus Master's Class Saturday morning and a couple baby showers to attend) I will keep you updated with the fabulous final week of school next week! We have everything from A.R. Reward (Accelerated Reader), Demerit Reward, 6th Grade Picnic, and Awards Day!
It's going to be busy...Until then :)

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