Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's a Party; It's a Party!

Well it's the last week of school and it's time to celebrate how amazing my students have been the entire year! We have a full week of parties and I'm going to break it down into two updates!

Monday was a "normal" day for my sixth grade kiddos. We had a regular schedule and decided to write letters to the upcoming sixth graders on Tips that they needed to know. Students chose to tell the sixth graders about things like not stressing over lockers, not worrying about getting lost within the school, and making sure to reach Accelerated Reader (A.R.) goals. Students then designed a "seal" for the Dolphin team to include with their letter. Get the letter and seal templates here! Check out some letters from my students:



Monday afternoon was also the 6th grade Student-Faculty Volleyball game. Sixth grade teachers volunteered to play against student volunteers in a three game match for winner! Needless to say the teachers had to make a team uniform. We decide to go black bottoms and neon colored tops. Don't we look awesome?

It was a great game and I know all students, teachers, cheerleaders, and those involved really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from the history- making games :)

Teacher team!

Student team!

Our lovely teacher cheerleaders :)

The crazy student cheerleaders!

Daniel & Mrs. Kinnett keeping score. 
Tuesday was our 6th grade picnic. Students went to Encore classes first thing in the morning from 8:30 to 9:55am. When they came back we held our 6th grade hallway Yearbook signing. This is where we close all doors to the classroom, with students in the hallway, and let them mingle and sign each others' yearbooks. It gives students a chance to see other friends that they may not see within the last few days of school.

After 30 minutes of stuffy, heated, crowded yearbook signing, we take the kiddos outside for a picnic afternoon. Students are free to enjoy the afternoon with sports equipment, electronics (no phones of course), towels, blankets, and anything else they use to spend their time. Students get to hang out with all other sixth graders and really enjoy the afternoon. We also have a D.J. come out to occupy us with music, while we have our lunch catered by a local company. This year's menu was hamburgers and hot dogs provided by Honey Baked Hams. They were fabulous. Check out our lovely afternoon:

View from the hill of the 6th grade picnic! 

Our D.J. for the afternoon!

Our wonderful lunch crew from Honey Baked Ham.

Today, Wednesday, was our Accelerated Reader reward day. Students had individual goals to reach by reading books and taking comprehension quizzes. Students use the Renaissance Learning (Check It Out!) to complete their A.R. quizzes. As a reward for reaching their goals during our nine week period, we had a party all day :)
Our Dance Party outside.

The lovely snacks and drinks set up by our fabulous PTO!


Enjoying the day :)

We even had a photo-booth! 
Today we also held a little "get-together" for the softball team. With our eighth graders leaving us for high school in two days we wanted to give them one more send off. We will miss everyone greatly over the summer, but especially the eighth graders next softball season. Here's our final moments :(

Courtney & Sydney being goofy.
Yum Yum!
Some of my eighth graders!

I love this group of girls :)
What am I to do without these lovely ladies next year? Is it softball season yet? I'm ready for August 19th to roll around ;)

Until Friday's post...with Demerit Reward day and Awards day.. Have I mentioned I can not believe it's the last week of school? :(

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