Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Might Be a Hoarder

This week is our "final" official week for school. Teachers have three workdays (Monday, Tuesday, and an optional workday on Wednesday). Monday began with some hardcore cleaning of my students' and I's home for the last 180 days. This is where I came to believe that I may be a hoarder. If not a full-blown hoarder...I believe I have hoarder tendencies. I always seem to accumulate more things than I can get rid off; however, this year Ms. Holbrook (our principal) told us that we needed to clean out our teacher desks before we left for Summer vacation. I just finished up my fourth year of teaching and I can not remember the last time I cleaned cleaned my desk out. I have organized it multiple times...but never fully taken everything out. This is where I noticed my hoarder-ness. I can not believe the amount of things, stuff, pieces, and parts that can fit within my teacher desk. I pulled out everything from pencils, pens, money, candy, paper clips, bouncy balls, and lotion, to Tylenol, markers, stickers, sticky notes, and stuffed animals. I was slightly embarrassed with the amount of things I found...but yet I was also slightly impressed with the amount of things I found!

As my husband would tell you, cleaning brings out my ADD also. I began on part of my room, only to stumble across something that sends me into another area (without finishing in the first), which prompts me into a third area when I find something new (now I'm up to two areas that are unfinished). Cleaning my room is a pretty intimidating job and task to anyone who happens to come across it in the middle of my mess. Here are just a few pictures of the mess I make myself before re-cleaning everything.

My desk area. There are things everywhere! 
At least the back counter is looking organized!
Another view of the increasing desk mess I am making. 
I finally decided to call it a day after getting to work Monday around 8:00am and cleaning until close to 4:00pm. I did get a break in there for a lovely lunch with my husband, teammate, and some fabulous sixth grade team members :)

After some intense filing on Tuesday...and a major clean up in my room, I was able to call Wednesday afternoon my "final" peace-out from my classroom for the summer. I totally cleaned out my room, got everything turned in to where it needed to go, attended a Coach's Symposium with some of the coolest coaches I know in the area, and turned in my keys. I always think turning my keys in is a sentimental moment. I feel like it's the closing on a major event. I guess it's a good thing...but I always get a little tear in my eye. However, it's the summer time now and I'm ready to get some Pinterest projects completed, get the UNCC Writing Project underway (at the beginning of July...I'm sooo pumped!), and get a few vacation and pool days under my belt. I will continue my blog for the summer on updates with completed projects, completed assignments, and looks into my summer courses to make me an even better teacher for my students next year!

So until next week...hopefully with my first completed Pinterest project (FOLLOW ME!), I'll leave with some pictures I was able to take as I left Cramerton for the summer. :)

I love this place :)

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