Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting a Few Tears

Well today is here...I have to say I am sad that the end of the year has rolled around. I can not believe this year has flown by and my little sixth graders are "grown" up and moving on to seventh grade. After spending 180 days with these wonderful, crazy, goofy, and intelligent kiddos, how can one not be sad to see them leave? The end of the year is always difficult for me. I am terrible at goodbyes and absolutely can not stand to see others crying and upset. Therefore, the last day of school is always an emotional one for me. Whether the year went smoothly or was total chaos, I have come to love every student in my class, and can honestly say that I will miss them from year to year.

With that being said...Today is Awards Day for Cramerton Middle. All grade levels attend the celebration where we recognize our fabulous students and their accomplishments throughout the year. It is a wonderful way to really acknowledge students for all of their hard work and dedication throughout their educational career at Cramerton Middle. It is always a touching experience and closing to the school year. Congratulations to all award winners!

Our Program for the Celebration
Mrs. Cunningham and her twin :)

Ms. Holbrook welcoming students and parents.
Seventh Grade Students
Sixth Grade Students
Audrey, our Student President, introducing the Eighth Graders.
Eighth graders in the middle of the celebration!

The Dolphin Character Award winner, Victoria, and I :)
 After the Awards Ceremony, students ate lunch in our classrooms and had time to get some picture memories with their friends. Here are some of the students who I was able to sneak in a picture with :)

Cute little Abigail (40 Book Challenge Maker!)
My TNault & I !!
Little Katie! (40 Book Challenge Maker!)
Lauren (40 Book Challenge Maker!)
Caroline! She's almost my height!

The girls and me :)
Ohhhh Auriyon. 
My Sydney came to see me :)
Finally for this week I wanted to post a little more from our A.R. party on Wednesday. During that celebration we got the sixth graders together and created our own A.R. Reward Harlem Shake video. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it :)

Also, I wanted to share the pictures from the photo booth that we were able to use from Image Gallery. I actually got my wedding pictures, engagement pictures, and bridal portraits done through this company and loved them. We have a teacher on staff who also works at the photography company and is able to bring the photo booth to our A.R. celebration. Here are a few of my personal favorites from Wednesday...but be sure to check the others out herePhoto booth pictures from the A.R. celebration! 

It is officially the start of our summer as of 12:00pm this afternoon. It was tough to see my little sixth graders leave the hall knowing that the next time I saw them they would be only visiting in between classes, during Connections, or on an athletic field or court. But I am happy to have had all my students this year and I look forward to continuing watching them grow and mature throughout the next few years. I am sad to see the eighth graders leave for high school, but know that they are prepared and I am super excited for the adventures that they are moving towards. I wish all my students: current, previous, and athletes, nothing but the best and I hope to see them soon :)

Until then, I'll blog away throughout the weeks of summer and keep everyone updated with my plans for next school year! Yep, I'm already thinking about it! Let the planning begin ;)

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