Wednesday, August 20, 2014

End of Summer...Beginning of Greatness!

It's that time of the year again. It's time to get back into the swing of things in terms of the school year. My school year got back into the swing this past Wednesday; a week ago. We've been back at Clover Middle for a whole week now! We got a start with some "pump-up" meetings to get teachers excited to be back in school with the students we love. I walked into the building super excited about being back at the job that I absolutely love and enjoy going to everyday, and the videos helped all the teachers get on that same level :)

We were able to introduce and recognize our 20...yes, that's right...20 newbies within the school. We have new teachers everywhere! Every position from sixth grade to eighth, special education to athletic director, cafeteria manager to technology assistant! We spent the beginning of our meetings welcoming our newbies and giving them goody bags of Clover awesomeness. I am excited to get to know everyone and learn their fabulous skills and talents. I know they all will have so much to offer our staff, and most importantly, students.

After meeting our newbies, we headed over as a school to our district convocation. This was a fabulous performance! Convocation began by giving teachers, as they entered, a program and a three-in-one tool. This was a glow-stick/flashlight/pen. In a teacher mind...can you say fabulous? Everyone loved it! As teachers got settled into their seats for the convocation, the Clover High School Band and dance team did an amazing performance. They sounded great! They played about four songs, one of which was of course the Clover High School fight song. It was a wonderful experience to get up as a district and sing along.  
**Go Eagles!**

Following the band and dance performance, the Clover School District Teacher of the Year was recognized. It was wonderful to recognize a fabulous teacher within the district and award her talents. After hearing all the wonderful things that were accomplished as a district during the 2013-2014 school year, we were reintroduced to two Clover School District alumni who came to join us as we start our year. We met Ashley Bridges, who is doing wonderful work and making the district proud through her career at ABC. Her speech was wonderful and really hit home with a lot of the staff members I work with who also grew up through the district. She really seemed to relate with many of my colleagues. It was definitely a nice family atmosphere that was created.

To end convocation we were able to hear the chorus groups from Clover Middle and Oakridge Middle come together. They sang "We are the World" and even encouraged us to use our glow-sticks that we received walking into the auditorium. It was a great experience and the students did a wonderful job. 

After an Italian lunch provided by the district, we ended our first workday (already a week ago!) with a faculty meeting to make sure everyone was on the same page beginning our school year. Our next two workdays (last Thursday and Friday) were covered in meetings revolving TEAM procedures, Math curriculum, team planning, and technology implementation. These workdays flew by to say the least! 

Monday and Tuesday, of this week, were both regular workdays that teachers were able to work in their classroom and prepare for the kiddos that arrived today (Wednesday). Monday night we had our open house and got to welcome students, and parents, into our rooms for the first time. I made some small changes to my room this year in preparation for only teaching one subject (Math: Pre-Algebra and Algebra). I began by enhancing my reading corner. Needless to say....all I'm missing is the sand for my beach space ;) My newly updated bulletin board will continue to look at data of test scores as we make our way throughout the school year. I plan on graphing class averages as we take tests in hopes of understanding how classes are doing, not only in the material, but also against other classes in hopes that they are all reaching the same level. 

Open house and the workdays were great. However, I was super excited when I actually got to see my kiddos today! Our first day of FABULOUS! I could not be more excited about the wonderful group of students we have on Team 8<3 this year. We are definitely a team with heart! Our kids were super sweet today, very helpful, eager to learn, and looking forward to a great year. Of course today was simply "Hi, my name is..." and "This year we will..." But it was a great one! We even got a little Jenga action in today during Academy class. We used this PDF as a way to get to know each other and play a fun relaxing game. It was the tallest tower I've seen in awhile. It was 27 levels high! The kids did awesome with it and really enjoyed it. It was a great day (have I said this enough?) and I can not wait to see what these wonderful kiddos are capable of this year. Until next time.... :)


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