Friday, August 22, 2014

Three Day Wrap Up

The first three days of school are over...and they were FANTASTIC. I want to take a quick moment (yes, and a quick blog) to brag about my wonderful kiddos for a minute. I can honestly say that Team 8<3 has the absolute, most sweetest kids. I haven't heard so many "yes ma'am," "no, ma'am," "please and thank yous" in a really long time. I have many helpers within every class. I think I've had a total of two-to-three students ask if they can help me with anything within every class. I am so impressed with their polite-ness and well-mannered behavior. I am looking forward to a great year with the amazing students.

Ok, now to share some of the fun things we got to do this week, in three days, around all the rules and procedures that my kiddos were bombarded with. I stole this super cute idea for Identity Grids to use within my Academy class. You can find a picture of my boy-heavy Academy class here...and not to mention my only girl left me for our EBN (Eagle Broadcating Network). So, I am in a room with 9 boys everyday for an hour. I have to say, they keep me on my toes and definitely keep the laughing going. They absolutely loved this Identity Grid and really put their best into their grids. They came out wonderfully and I can't wait to hang them throughout the room and hallways.

I even joined in on the fun and made myself an Identity Grid.

I also forgot to make a special post about the great group of girls that I got to hang out with the couple of days before school workdays started. My old students (from 6th grade at Cramerton Middle School) and my old athletes (from basketball and softball) let me know that they were playing volleyball near me. So, of course, since school hadn't started yet, I had to go see them. They made me so proud and I felt like a proud, little, momma bear watching them. They are a wonderful group of girls who I could not be more proud of. I look forward to watching them work their way through high school, both in the classroom and on the athletic fields.

With the first three days down, I am recharging my batteries this weekend and getting to spend some time with my parents (who are in town from Stafford, VA). We have a Charlotte Knights game planned and it should be a great time. But I can honestly say that I am super excited about getting back to my kiddos on Monday and getting this year rolling. Until next time... :)

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