Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Act of Service

Today was a very influential day within the United States and the world. I remember exactly where I was eleven years ago when I was told about the attacks in New York. I was at lunch at Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina. I had walked into lunch and heard other students talking about planes flying into buildings. I had no clue what they were talking about. Only then, once I sat down at my table, did I find out about the horrible events I had missed earlier in the day. After lunch I went to my Economics class where my teacher told the class we were "too young" to witness the events unfolding through the day. I did not catch a glimpse of the attacks, towers, planes, etc. until I went home for the day around 2:15pm. Our softball practice that evening was cancelled in order for families to spend time together during this difficult time in America.

I do wish my Economics teacher would have allowed us to witness the historical, and horrifying, events of 9/11/01. I believe it is important for students to understand what happens within their daily lives, whether local communities, or the world as a whole. Therefore, I feel like it is my position as a teacher within the classroom to revisit this influential event in American history and allow the younger generations to realize how this has shaped the world we are currently living in. This year we quickly revisited, through THIS VIDEO the events of the day, along with key terms, and explanations of why these events happened. The Dolphins and I then discussed the importance of the day, how it has shaped us as citizens currently, and how 9/11 has turned into an Act of Service Day. 

As our Dolphin Team Act of Service we are organizing a Book Drive for our school. We are asking teachers and students to bring in books that they no longer read, want to keep, or would like to donate. We will collect books throughout the entire month of September and then donate them to organizations, schools, and places that are not as fortunate as we are at Cramerton Middle School. If you would like to donate books to our Book Drive please message me on TWITTER and we can get it arranged! Thank you so much and of course I'll update on our progress :)

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