Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update Central

Well we are onto Week 5 of the 2012-2013 school year and I could not be more pleased. I have some amazing students in my room, some wonderful girls on the softball team, and some fantastic colleagues to work with on a daily basis! 

Updates for the last couple of weeks have gotten totally crazy! Beyond the most exciting, and honestly unexpected, are the updates for our Book Drive. The last I updated was on Wednesday because of my out-of-town-ness on Friday. The latest I knew we were up to 243 books! That already passed the high goal we set of 200 Books as a Dolphin Team. This is our first ever Book Drive at Cramerton and I was beyond excited to lead it and help the Dolphin Team organize this fascinating drive! After today's round up we are looking at ...... DRUM ROLL PLEASE ....... 699 BOOKS!
I can not express my gratitude to the students, teachers, and administrators at Cramerton to help make this so successful! We are still 3 days away from the end and looking forward to what we can reach. I'm currently searching for the best places for these books to be donated. Please let me know of any suggestions or places currently in need. Below are pictures of Wednesday's update as well as today's update!

Along with an amazing Book Drive, I tried a Pinterest reference on Friday while I was out of town. Students were to complete a writing assignment about why I was absent for the day. Students were not told ahead of time that I would be absent, and then had to use their imagination as to why I was not there. Some of the responses were beyond what I could have ever imagined. Between being sick, robbing banks, visiting the spa, visiting a magical land of unicorns and softball players, I was blown away by the creativeness my students displayed. I've attached below a picture of my favorite response. I wouldn't mind a day of sickness if Mr. Stadler gets to bring me soup to feel better ;)

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