Monday, July 15, 2013

Demos, Thinking, & Connections!

#HappyMonday! It has been a day. I began at the #UNCCWP until about 11:45am. It was, of course, a great way to begin my day. I really liked Erika's demo this morning about choosing which way to write and thinking about audience. Her demo really got me thinking about my demo (it's tomorrow and I'm already nervous!) about "school writing" and "free writing." It makes me think about outlines (which is what I'm highlighting tomorrow) and if they are really necessary? Erika gave us a huge list of ways to represent our thoughts on democracy and what it takes to be successful. Thinking about how you want to present your information allows you to think about your audience; therefore, are outlines necessary? I am anxious to do my demo tomorrow, and probably a good-bit nervous, but hoping to think more about this idea!
My graphic organizer and then letter!
Starting to map out my Inquiry thinking.
In my Recent Trends class today (the middle 1pm-5pm part of my day) we watched an interesting video about education and it's current state. I thought I would share it today since Steve shared a very similar video today on where good ideas come from. I thought it was interesting how two of my three classes included these little videos....Look at these connections :)

Until tomorrow...for a whole day of the #UNCCWP!


  1. The video from your afternoon class is parallel to the one Steve showed us today, except with a difference. This video is looking at the question of education (how we are medicating kids and teaching from enlightenment assumptions.) And there is also the problem of "why"--why do we persist in this thinking. Which brings me to Erika demo this morning--about how even our forefathers saw people in different ways--and there are real social consequences when it comes to how we think about people (particularly our students). Thanks for this blog. Very interesting.

  2. I think we all get a little "scared" of that formal writing, especially with formal subjects (democracy), but Erika's demo took that piece away by giving us so many genres to choose from. As Kim said in the demo, to start off with some of the informal made the move to formal a little less daunting.

    You're gonna do fantastic in your demo. We're here to help!

  3. Sarah,
    Try not to blow everyone out of the water with this demo. From the way you are deliberating in your blog, it sounds to me like you are in a zen like mindset. I'm interested in boundaries and if they really exist or not. Excited to find out today with your demo. No pressure.

  4. ai know you will do well with your demo. You have put much work into it and I think it will go well. I try to think of how I write when I work with students and their writing. I can't make an outline--never could--and used to do what kids do and write the piece then do the outline. Don Murray says, "I don't know what I think until I write whet I think," and I agree with that. I have to write and write and write to find what it is that I am trying to say. I want to give my kids that same opportunity--no formula.