Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things to Remember

Well my #unccwp is coming to an end. I am super bummed. I would post about my learnings and understandings from the entire experience...but I did that yesterday (look at me...ahead of the game for once! Check out my wobbling here.) So, today I decided to make a quick overview of things I'll miss and things I might not miss so much from my time at #unccwp...

Things I Might Not Miss So Much....

- The squeaky chairs.

- The constant construction.

- The freezing room temperatures at times.

- The worst, most horrible, upsetting hill of all time.


Things I Will Definitely Miss....

- The calming circle.

- My ever-growing Daybook.

- The thinking and thought processing..."The Wobbling"

- The amazing group.

- And finally, but probably most of all, my ever-so-awesome-wonderful Writing Group.

Tomorrow is our last day at #unccwp for 2013. Again, I am super bummed. But I will take my thinkings, my experiences, and my friends that I made along my writing road. I'll post from our celebration (and maybe even a few tears) tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.... :)


  1. Sarah,
    This was a fitting end to a phenomenal blog. Or rather a fitting pause, as I see you are a blogoholic. I've never really read any blogs before, but judging from your abilities here, I understand the draw. Thanks for being a solid team member, and for redirecting me when I needed orientation. I'm bummed its all over but thankful I be part of such a kawkawsome group. see what I did there.

  2. Sarah, I LOVE this format of miss vs not miss. I'm glad I made it into the miss group! Loved our group the most!