Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friday Meets Writing Marathon

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

Yep, I just sang that. Ask my kiddos...I sing to them every Friday. So of course I'll sing here (plus it helps that Wendy's demo today revolved around music and theme). Not to mention, Sally's Writing into the Day began with two songs on school that got us thinking about what we've learned throughout our "school" this week at the Writing Project.

A few moments from our day: We took our own little field trip. 
Our field trip to the library for Open Mic!
My fantastic writing group getting prepared for Open Mic! Yay Kim :)
Erika working the Open Mic! 
I began this post on is now Sunday afternoon and I am just getting back to it. I think I needed a little "break" from technology. I absolutely love technology and all the wonderful pieces of it...but even a girl like me needs a day to "de-tech" my life. I did participate in the Writing Marathon with #unccwp, only my marathon took place throughout the plans Zack and I had already made. Therefore, I think my post for today...well technically going to be about my writing marathon on Saturday (that makes sense right?).

Zack and I, as a married couple, are working on getting some life insurance...apparently it is kind of a big deal. Well, we had to have a physical scheduled. (Can you believe they actually come to your house to complete a physical to determine your monthly payments? Weird, I know). Well, needless to say our physical was scheduled for Saturday morning. Therefore, my Writing Marathon began at home, after our doctor visit. But it was a great start to my marathon because Zack, who is a wonderful husband!, made homemade biscuits, that we turned into sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits. They were fabulous!

Next, on our Saturday schedule was to watch one of Zack's basketball players get his game on at his AAU basketball game at a local Charlotte-Mecklenburg middle school. We drove out to Huntersville, from Gastonia, to catch this game...what else to do but bring my Daybook and continue my Writing Marathon? We made a scheduled stop at Starbucks (my favorite: Skinny Caramel Macchiato) and then arrived at the game. Now, this was difficult for me. I am a huge basketball fan...just ask the girls I help coach with my teammate Mr. Spargo. So finding my attention switching from writing to basketball to writing to basketball was continuous. John played great, Zack enjoyed seeing his players in another element, and I struggled completing writing or giving my attention to the game. I was torn to say the least. However, I feel proud of myself for taking my Daybook and getting at least a little writing completed during the game ;)
My Writing Marathon on Saturday! 
I have to say the writing marathon was a great experience and I look forward to participating again in the near future. I hope next time I can join my writing project peers at places like Amelie's and Smelly Cat Coffee...but until that time comes back around, I'll keep you posted with Week 2 of the #UNCCWP :)


  1. Awesome writing images from Friday. Bummed that I had to miss it. I understand about life happening, and I'm glad that you were able to join the writing marathon remotely. That daybook picture you tweeted from the game was fantastic! See you tomorrow!

  2. I love reading your blog posts; they are so personal, warm and inviting! Yes, time to de-tech is essential, especially with all the technology we use in class. I'm glad you found some balance this weekend for time with your husband (and wow! homemade biscuits!).

    PS-I remember our home "physical" for our life insurance...totally forgot about it until you mentioned it here. :)

  3. Sarah--I am so impressed that you were able to get your writing marathon squeezed in during the insurance home physical (didn't even know that existed) and the basketball about dedication! I also really like that you got pictures from the open mic and most of our writing group. We have to get a group picture today or tomorrow! Anyway, I really liked reading your posts as always--they always make me smile. Thanks!