Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Not "Goodbye"...It's "See You Later"

Today was the final day for the Summer Institute at #unccwp. It was sad...I'll be honest. Ok, was super sad. I really am not ready for this to end. I think I was serious when Jashonai and I were "joking" about showing up Monday morning around 8:45am to UNCC in the Cameron building. ;)

I have done my reflection blog (my really thinking about my learning blog), and my what I'm going to miss and not miss blog, so today, in relation to the last day, I think I'll just post some of our makes? I don't want to get emotional writing I'll just going to make a hodge podge of "makes" from our adventure. Enjoy. :)

My KaKaw's group Prezi on our Inquiry.

This morning we made three word descriptions on our experience of #unccwp for Good Morning America.

This is my Tagxedo from my blog. I posted my blogs from #unccwp into the program and these are the highlights! 

The fabulous people I met through #unccwp. These are amazing individuals who I look to keep in touch with, work with, and collaborate with from now until forever. (Thanks Kendra for the collage!) I miss everyone already :(

Until next time....

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  1. Great post! I'm pretty bummed, also, about this great Summer Institute coming to an end.....but the last day today was perfect! It was awesome thinking and writing with you over the last few weeks. You're part of an amazing professional community now that you can lean on and think with as you move forward in your teaching. I'm excited to hear about the great things happening in your class and to continue to think with you. Rock on!